Cheetah Prints Remastered




100% Crafted In Itaily

- Our manufacturing process is about extremely skilled techniques and careful re-working. Every shoe is one-of-a-kind: a combination of handcrafting tradition, quality and modern style. Perfectly Italian.

Italian Leather Quality

- Every shoe features pristine quality leather and suede, sourced and processed in Italy. Smooth touch, great comfort and stunning look and used only by the best.

- All italian leathers are made with organic vegetable extracts

- The best materials you could have in fashion

- Incredibly robust, made to last for years

- Extremely soft and rich at the same time

Made in Italy means the best of the best

- Made-in-Italy shoes means unparalleled quality. Only the finest materials, traditional manufacturing and an outstanding finishing.

Carefully Handcrafted

- Genuine Italian leathers

- Clean Leather Cut

- Precision stitching

- Accurate Assembly

- Perfect Fit


- Each Designer shoe has its own customized speciality box. Be the collector of our designer.

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