Thank You For Taking interest in SBSC

Shinebrightsupplyco strives to be the best within the industry, all while providing great value to those who want a chance at success. As outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes we love to bring our family together all while accomplishing our goals as a team. We want you to know that you're in good hands when joining our family and SBSC will do everything in our power to make sure you strive with us.

Understanding SBSC 

It is important to know that SBSC originated from Jamskating and the music industry. Not only that? But we cover multiple industries. We're shooting big to become one of the top clothing companies to compete next to NIKE. We believe success through talent is success itself. No matter what industry you're in? Pursue it and strive with it! Shinebrightsupplyco has a branch for every industry to support you and your journey.

Understanding How Our Sponsorships Work

We are not your average company. Here at shinebrightsupplyco? We do things COMPLETELY different and it's leaving a HUGE footprint in all industries. Shinebrightsupplyco is the first company in the industry to introduce the trial team system. This is a way of reducing risk as a company. We introduce those who are who are interested in a sponsorship to a team called the "Trial Team". The Trial Team is put into play to prove to the brand how serious you are about a sponsorship with SBSC. During this trial period you'll have a time limit of 30 days to prove yourself valuable to the brand. As this is one of the main problems within the industry; A LOT of people want free merchandise from us but no one is willing to put in the work for the merchandise and benefits that we offer.

What's required in the Trial Team?

  • You'll need to create Your Flow Edit! ( MUST HAVE SBSC MERCHANDISE )

  • You'll need to prove to the brand how well you can engage with others

  • Reach Level 10 within our in house app. 


Passing the trial team has got to be the best feeling ever. All of our Flow Team skaters know the meaning of dedication and hard work

They realize how much more meaningful this sponsorship is because they worked hard for it. Once you pass the Trial Team? You move onto the Flow Team!

Below are some Flow Team Benefits you acquire.


  • Personalize Magazine dedicated to you!


  • OFFICIAL ROSTER POST ( visible to 150,000 of our monthly site viewers )

  • FREE FLOW TEAM STARTER PACKAGE ( OVER $100.00 store credit VALUE )



  1. You'll need to purchase merchandiseif you haven't already. ( This is crucial! Pick something you can wear. YOU WILL NEED IT IN YOUR EDIT )
  2. After you purchase, send your order number to the skater that referred you so we can add you into our family chat! We don't wanna lose touch.
  3. Once you're enrolled, we'll introduce you to the team and get to work on your edit for flow! 

Yellow Lotus Tee
Get Classic
Pink Ralph
Double Up
SBSC Legends
CrenShaw BLVD Tee
Marble Drip
1st Gen Alarming Red
Preach Est: 2015
Pinky Collection
Futura Shining
WWC Tee Version 2
Premium Quality
Donut Boy
Skys the Limit
White Snake