I’ve found the item I want but can’t select my size

Sizing is listed in the the Size Chart screen. Simply match your size to the right product and be aware of specific detail each product displays such as: " Tends to run small " and choose the appropriate size.


Can you give me more information about the clothing?
ShineBrightSupplyCo has manufactures in California and in North Carolina. All of our clothing is made from 100% preShrunk cotton. Depending on the item selected, each item lists precise details on what is used within the gourmet.

Has my order been sent yet ? 

Your order can be tracked through USPS. Tracking number is sent via email upon purchase. Visit UPSP.com to track your order or talk to one of our customer service representatives.


Can I track my order ? 

Yes! Once your product is fulfilled, we then inform you with the tracking code of your product. Customer communication is important to us.


Part of my order is missing

Usually if some of your order is missing, it will inform you on the shipping label. Some items are shipped individually depending on the packaging size. If not listed, Contact  one of our customer service representatives immediately and we will be sure to solve this dilemma.


Are these great quality designs?

Yes, Each shirt is specifically design through a computerized system and then is embroidered, or specially inked. Leaving these designs permanent and non-removable. 


Which methods of payments can I use?

ShineBrightSupplyCo is Paypal ,Square verified and   Guaranteed to keep your information safe from third parties. Accepted Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and credit.


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes indeed we do ship worldwide. Since we are based out of the U.S. all foreign orders can take up to a week for delivery. 

U.S. shipping takes two (2) days to three (3) days for delivery.


Is it safe to order online? 

With ShineBright your information is completely safe and protected from third parties. 

PayPal verified and protected through our secure servers.


Delivery - How much is it and how long does it take?

During checkout you can select different shipping methods. Depending on the shipping method you choose, it'll cost a different price and will range on the timing you choose.


If i join the Trial team and do not like it, can I receive a refund? 

Yes. ( Within 24hrs )  We can refund your order but only 3/4th's of the amount you paid. Due to enrollment and knowing our team process, we keep 1/4th of your transaction due to company policy and to prevent premature damages from production.


If i leave the team, am I able to join again?

No, upon leaving SBSC we make sure it is the decision you want to make before proceeding. If you leave you cannot come back.


What is the sizing like on the tshirts?

Upon ordering make sure you read our Terms & Conditions. Sizing tends to run a bit small on t-shirts. We recommend an up size upon order.