We really want to thank you for your interest in ShineBrightSupplyco and Congratulations!


Summary: ShineBrightSupplyco strives to be the best within the industry, all while providing great value to those who want a chance at success. As outdoor enthusiasts, and athletes we love bringing our family together all while accomplishing our goals. We want you to know that you're in good hands when joining our family and SBSC will do everything in our power to make sure you thrive with us.

It is important to realize that ShineBrightSupplyco covers multiple industries. As SBSC was originated from a jamskating industry. Success is Success regardless of what talent you pursue right? If you're good at it? Thrive with it. 

Below will describe how our sponsorships work and what can be gained while being sponsored by ShineBrightSupplyco.

Trial Team: ShineBrightsupplyco is the first company in the industry to introduce a trial team system. This is a way of reducing risk as a company. We introduce those who are interested in a sponsorship to a team called the "Trial Team".The Trial team is put into play to prove to the brand how serious you are about this sponsorship. During this trial period you will be given 30 days to prove yourself valuable to the brand. As this is one of the main problems within the industry; alot want merch but barely anybody wants to work for it. During this trial period you will be held responsible for making your FLOW team Edit. This Flow Team edit will be put through an approval process where our current team members will decide if you are fit enough to join the family. During this trial process you will also be required to prove to us your brand exposure. As a brand? We seek importance in brand exposure, creating content, and showing others how powerful we truly are. We are a movement and for that? We must show others this importance. 

Note: Purchase history must be confirmed before we can add you into our group chat. If you referred, make sure you send your order number to the skater who referred you.

What happens after the trial team?:

FREE PACKAGE TIME BABY! As you show your brand exposure in the trial team? You create a $100 Credit towards your flow package. You'll be given $100 to spend on whatever you want within the store. 

FLOW TEAM EXPOSURE: Once we submit your order to the manufacture we get you enrolled within our Flow Team. This means we get your online SBSC Team Page posted where others can access your page and see your accomplishments! ( Blog, Instagram, facebook, & youtube )

ROSTER MENTION: Every year SBSC creates a new Roster for the team, which is then sent to over 5,000 of our email contacts! Building your fan base is one of our priorities. 

CONTRACTED SKATER: As a Flow Team Member you will finally be contracted to a 6-12 month term. How good does it feel to work for something and finally become official?!

DIGITAL MAG: Once Flow Riders receive their merchandise? We create a magazine around that skater. Yes that's right, with the content you provide us? We create a full mag around your name. This magazine can be printed and released into multiple copies which can be sent to multiple shops and can be used for additional sponsors under terms. Don't forget, This magazine can be sold worldwide and you as the skater? Can collect commissions. Who doesn't wanna get paid to skate?

How Do I Get Started?!: Each skater relies on your purchase to make it within shinebrightsupplyco. If you do not have a purchase history with ShineBright? We are going to require merchandise to be in your edits before we bring you onto the team. It's common sense, can't ask for help when you've never helped that person in return. After the purchase is made you'll receive an order number. You'll send this order number to the skater that referred you, and in exchange we will get you onto our team chat where we will never lose touch!

Reminder quote: We can never truly succeed if we do not accept change. Never fear things that are different for the door that is open will provide you with a future you'll never regret taking.