How We Serve You.


Originated out of a small city called Reading, PA. SBSC was once a brand known within the roller skating industry as an entertainment/touring agency. With not much companies within the industry, we decided to spice it up a bit. The beginning was nothing but slow, but we got right back into the game when it was time to release our clothing. 2015 we dropped our first collection called the "Black & White" Edition. It wasn't a huge success but we sold and performed with passion. As SBSC advanced through the industry with trial and error. The skateboarding industry had taken interest in us. With the love they showed us? We couldn't help but to use our touring and agency skills to help those experience what we've experienced. That's living the dream while having fun. We specialize in guiding skaters to the right direction within the industry. Utilizing our connections and providing successful paths, SBSC makes your dream a reality.

Message From Skater To Skater

Yes. Finally a message from skater to skater.

" I wanted to tell my story and connect with all of you on a personal level. I've founded this company to make both the skateboarding industry and the clothing industry live again. It seems as though both these industries have died over time due to the inflation of companies with no acknowledgment of what they're doing. 
I founded this company with purpose, and my purpose was to bring all skaters together to support each other, regardless of skill, determination is what matters. If you have a heart of gold you can and will always get better. 
I made sure this company produces not only the finest products on the market, but made sure that everyday, skaters get the products & support they deserve. 
When we released our boards, I made sure that I've done numerous research on why we would stand out from different skate companies. Our boards are not only the strongest to be tested, but the lightest and steep concave for maximum pop and ability. 
We want all skaters to shineon, brand the world and be smart about the products they choose. Leave it to the pros to meet your expectations. 
Shine on brothers"  

P.S. We're all family in shinebright and we leave no man behind.

 - Mr Shine


We believe life is meant for exploring and opportunity, so grab your gear and get out there. At Shinebrightsupplyco, we have made it our mission to provide all customers with everything they need, not only for their adventure but for their futures.

Shinebrightsupplyco is an online sporting goods retailer offering a wide variety of authentic, quality sports equipment, apparel, accessories, sponsor opportunity, and a future to seek forth. As fitness, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers receive the best of the best. Browse our site to see all that we have in stock, and lets get started towards the right path with more than just a purchase.

What do you mean by "future"

With Shinebrightsupplyco's sponsor program, every purchase made upon enrollment is dedicated towards your future with us. With the purchase of an item you will be able to take it as far as monthly commission checks, free merchandise, travel awards and most importantly independence with a team to stand behind you on your journey.

How do I Get started?!

Upon your purchase with us, use code: "FUTURE" for enrollment instructions. A rep will be there to assist you in enrolling you in our family group chat.

Lets get started to a successful future for all, and brand the world.