Mass Appeal & Cantrell Take things up a notch.

Mass Appeals newly signed Artist " Cantrell " releases his first music video " Mo Time " ( link below ) 

With as seen shinebrightsupplyco merchandise being represented within the music video. But there was a dark side to this situation. As Shinebrightsupplyco started to develop its jamskating team within 2018s roaster. One of our jamskaters "Solomon" was required to represent said merchandise within any promotions he participated in. 

As Shinebrightsupplyco we're never aware of this occurrence of this music video, Mass Appeal never asked permissions to utilize said merchandise in the video without credits or paid mentions.

Leading to trademark and copyright infringement upon the video posted. As we decided we never wanted anything in return for the video but 'credit'. We were sure to get help from our support base. 



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