Markey Rosslee For SBSC FLOW

Markey Rosslee! THE FLAT GROUND KING. Shinebrightsupplyco set out a mission to dominate flat ground. Comps are around the corner and Markey has the explosiveness to win them.

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Rider Interview:

Board size: I prefer a 8.0, although I will skate any board size you put in front of me.
Any other talents? - I like playing the guitar. 
What made you want to join SBSC? - SBSC gave me the opportunity the follow my dream. So I took it. 
If you could tell any skater looking up to you anything about SBSC, what would you tell them? - To join the unique team of SBSC, We support each other because we are a such a close family, and we strive to reach our goals and dreams. 
What do you personally love about SBSC? - The friendly skate community inside of SBSC and how much this company does for skating all over the world. 
What's your goal with SBSC? - To help create skateboarding awareness in my area, and help the communities through Skateboarding. 



Martin said:

Amazing to be featured in SBSC magazine great work guys really appreciate all of it 👍💯

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