Greg Sweet For SBSC Flow

What and overall well rounded skater. This man kills the rails! 

Check him out on instagram: @G_sweet94

Rider interview: 

Board Size: 8.25

Any other Talents? – believe it or not rollerblading/aggressive inlining ( wouldn't mind picking up a new pair for the side)

What made you want to join SBSC? – i thought it was a great opportunity to get my name out there more, and get the chance to travel and skate in the streets more

If you could tell any skater looking up to you anything about SBSC, what would you tell them? – i'd tell them all about how chill the creators and team are. Also would tell them that it is a family company, treats everyone with the most amount of respect, and totally easy to get along with

What do you personally love about SBSC? – honestly, the people ive got to know, and the shirts have gotta be the best feeling quality i've had in a long time

What's your goal with SBSC? – i'm hoping this is a great way for me to meet the best skaters from around the globe and hopefully learn some new things on the board

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