January 29th, GQ magazine invites ShineBrightSupplyCo to be mentioned in 3 months worth of releases. GQ magazine quotes

Dear The Shine Bright Supply Team,

I hope this email finds you well?

I’m getting in touch because I work on the advertorial pages here at British GQ magazine and I wanted to invite you to participate in the upcoming SS '19 Campaign covering the April, May & June issues. I came across your brand online and thought that your collections would be perfect for our luxury fashion & accessories advertorial pages.The advertorial pages in British GQ are well crafted mood-board style pages which are used as a market place for brands to share their products with our readers and reap the benefits from our brand association. ‘The Fashion Collection will showcase a range of handpicked luxury and unique men’s fashion and accessories brands all perfectly suited to our 332,000 affluent and discerning, predominantly male readers. The editorial style which we favour ensures that our readers see these pages as a recommendation from the magazine, our ‘cash rich, time poor’ readers therefore turn to them seeking inspiration and advice.


This is a HUGE breakthrough for ShineBrightSupplyCo history. As being the 2nd skatewear Brand to be mentioned by GQ next to SupremeNewyork, (


Stay tuned for our 3 month releases!