ShineBrightSupplyCo Game Plan 2019

2019 Is a huge year for shinebrightsupplyco as huge deals arise and competition gets bigger. 

Aside from all that, there one thing we find quite interesting in the industry. Content. 

Content is key right? Being a Brand that is involved within the industry you should be held responsible within showing what your brand can offer the world. Not just with great products but with what? Content. Let's be real, You as a reader would be more interested in someone who drops dope edits of everything rather than someone who doesn't.

Not only is it a simple trust factor but its important when establishing teams. Building content with teams can be difficult. Everyone has their own schedules and not everyone is local, But how is it possible to gather such content with everyone on their own terms? 

We have answers: Scheduling. 

Us as shinebrightsupplyco will be setting scheduling with our teams. You're probably wondering "what the hell is that"? Each skater will have their own set schedule to gather content. This works great when everyone has their own personal things to handle. All within the long run we will gather these edits and make additional company edits to provide fresh content. Sorta like the new supreme drop, but with fresh content.

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